Like any large organization, the Rippers is made up of several factions and occasionally suffers from the power struggles and politics that crop up in any group of its size. The main factions are listed below, with their own prominent personalities and ideas about how best to fight the Cabal. If you would like your character to belong to a specific faction, simply note it on your character sheet. This is not required, but being a member of a faction will allow you to take its corresponding Edge. Your character can only belong to one factoin at a time, and if you change your mind, you lose any previous faction Edges you may have selected. (The Edge is gone, but you may select a replacement Edge at your next advance.)

The Masked Crusaders are a league of crime-fighters and monster hunters led by the gadgeteer known as the Yankee. Other famous members include Spring-Heeled Jack and the acrobatic heroine who calls herself the Suffragette.

The Old Worlders are a motley band of mad scientists, woodsmen, and werewolf hunters (called Wolfen Jaeger) who spend their time in the dark forests and mountains of Easter Europe. Jonathan and Mina Harker lead this faction, and characters who wish to join must know a European language to do so.

The Rosicrucians are an order of alchemists, wizards, and astrologers founded by Dr. Jack himself. They helped to invent Rippertech, but now avoid its use and dedicate themselves solely to their study of magic. The leaders of this faction keep their identities secret, and lesser members only know them as the Innominato or “Nameless Ones.” Characters who wish to join the Rosicrucian Order must know ancient Greek.

The Slayers are a group of vampire hunters and form the core of the Rippers organization. They were previously led by Dr. Abraham Van Helsing himself, but he now considers himself too old to join the fight. His adopted son, Johann, leads this faction in his stead, but the younger Van Helsing finds himself spending more time playing politics and less time fighting monsters. Because of this, American slayer Tara LaGrange is essentially responsible for the faction’s day-to-day leadership.

The Order of St. George is a secret society of priests, monks, nuns, and monastic knights of various religions and denominations. They forbid any use of Rippertech, but make up the difference in allowing their members access to numerous holy relics. The most famous member of the order is a grizzled Irish priest named Father McBane. To become a member of the Order of St. George, a character must know Latin.

The Witch Hunters are a fanatical group dedicated to hunting down and destroying witches, Satanists, and other evil magicians. Witch Hunters tend to be fervently religious and generally favor fighting monsters toe-to-toe with normal means rather than relying on Rippertech. The faction is led by veteran witch hunter Serious Chapel, who fights with righteous fury and encourages others to follow his example.

Although the fight against the forces of the Cabal can seem hopeless, we do have one weapon in our arsenal capable of turning the tides: Rippertech. Over generations, a secret elite of scientific minds has developed medical procedures which allow some brave souls to turn the strengths of our enemies against them. The process is not without danger, but those who survive become an even more potent tool against the supernatural evil seeking to destroy us. The fangs of the vampire, the claws of the werewolf, even the blood of demons can empower us in our fight for survival. Speak with your lodge master if you have any questions about this topic.


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