Setting Rules

Arcane Backgrounds
All Arcane Backgrounds—other than Super Powers—are available in this campaign. Please note the allowed powers list on p. 5 of the Rippers book. If your character concept falls outside of these power lists, please talk to the GM.

We will not be using the Joker’s Wild setting rule (where each player receives a bennie when a player is dealt a joker in combat). You’ll receive bennies only for advancing the plot and for good roleplaying, with the GM reserving the right to distribute them as he sees fit. Pay attention to your character’s Hindrances. They’re on your sheet to remind you of your character’s personality, not just as a fire-and-forget aspect of character creation.

Critical Failures
Since the tone of Rippers tends toward the darker end of the spectrum, you will not be able to spend a bennie to reroll any trait test that comes up double ones. This is in addition to whatever catastrophe results from your character’s spectacular failure.

Damage Rolls
Because Rippers was written before the release of the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, the damage for melee weapons is given differently in the Rippers book than elsewhere (Str+1, Str+2, etc.). With the advent of SWD, these notations have been changed as follows:
+1 = +d4
+2 = +d6
+3 = +d8
+4 = +d10
+5 = +d12
… and so forth.

We will not be using the “Heroes Never Die” rule for this campaign, and because of that, there is a very real possibility that your character will shuffle off this mortal coil at some point. If you would like, you can put together another character—as an NPC—who can fill the whole in the team left by your first character’s untimely departure. This will give you time to work out who your backup character is without taking too much time away from the rest of the game. It’s also an opportunity to explore new character concepts and types that you might not otherwise play. I would suggest branching out a bit with your backup character rather than just making a carbon copy to drop in when the original passes beyond the veil.

Edges & Hindrances
All of the Hindrances from the SWD and Rippers book are allowed. All Edges from the SWD and Rippers book are also allowed, except as noted above. If you want to use an Edge or Hindrance from another source, talk to the GM. If any Edge or Hindrance has conflicting text between the SWD and Rippers, we will use the SWD version.

Gritty Damage (Use of this rule is still under discussion.)
Whenever your character takes a wound (regardless of the number), roll on the Injury Table found on p. 69 of the SWD. The injury lasts until the wound is healed. Remember that you only roll once per wounding, not per wound. If you take 2 wounds from a single attack, you only roll once on the Injury Table. Also, if your character is Shaken and then becomes Shaken again, he or she receives a wound as normal, but you do not have to roll on the Injury Table.

Per p. 3 of the Rippers book, your character starts with a number of languages equal to half his or her Smarts die. Your character knows how to speak, read, and write in those languages. Any permanent increase in your Smarts also gains you additional languages.

This rule, taken from p. 15 of the Rippers book, will be used as written. We will be traveling abroad from time to time, so this penalty for being unfamiliar with other cultures will come into play now and then. Because this applies to anyone coming to London from abroad, as well, please note in your character background your character’s nation of origin. If you wish to acclimate yourself to the local culture (and have your new nation of residence become your “homeland”), please see the Outsiders setting rule on p. 15 of the Rippers book.

This rule, taken from pp. 15–17 of the Rippers book, will be used as written, except for the Fright Table on p. 16. Instead, we will use the Fright Table on p. 85 of the SWD and add the Rippertech modifier as a positive number to rolls on this table. The higher you roll, the worse the result.

Status begins at 5 and is modified by the Edges and Hindrances you take, as well as actions your character engages in during play. For ease of reference, the Edges and Hindrances that alter your Status are as follows:
Noble: +5 Status
Rich: +2 Status
Filthy Rich: +3 Status
Poverty: -5 Status
Young: -5 Status

Setting Rules

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